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Sash windows replacement and repair specialists, based in North London, covering Muswell Hill, Highgate and neighbouring areas.

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Are you looking to upgrade your home with energy-efficient solutions? Do you want to bring a positive impact to the environment? If yes, investing in sash windows in North London is an excellent choice.
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With winter approaching, the temperature drops, and your house will start to become cold. It is imperative to take essential measures that will heat your home. There are numerous heating methods, such as central heating or putting fire.
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Get your sash windows repair, replacement, and installation by professionals at PM Sash Windows. PM Sash Windows is a company with experienced and qualified designers, carpenters, and fitters that provide bespoke sash windows repair and replacement services in London.
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Barnet homes require you to incorporate innovative solutions to save up on billing and protect yourself from irritants in the environment with cold, windy winters. For this reason, double glazing windows emerged, offering innumerable benefits. If you are looking for top-quality double glazing windows in Barnet, then contact PM Windows.
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Are you struggling to opt for a suitable window material or style? Do not worry; you have landed in the right place. PM windows are sash windows specialists located in North London.
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Your windows are an essential part of your house, which is why they should be kept in the best condition possible. Sash Windows have a classic architectural design, and its elegance cannot be denied even when fitted on an old property. If your old sash windows are not performing like they once did, then it is time to replace them.
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Taking up a DIY project is a new trend these days. You can come across countless how-to articles and videos that can instruct you to complete the project efficiently. After all, hiring a professional sash window installer will cost you.
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Choosing a sash window installer is as significant as selecting your windows and might be more challenging than you think. Not only will you have to consider factors such as designs accessible, but also consider the affordability. Narrowing down the right specialist also becomes a hassle because of high competition.
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Wood sash windows have been in fashion for over 300 years, and there is a good reason as to why that is; the design is timeless. Whether you reside in a stylish apartment or period property, preserving your sash windows Hackney can ensure that your property stays ageless.
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The popularity of timber sash windows is back on the rise in London. With more freshly built properties being designed to include this striking feature and owners of period properties looking to reinstate prevailing sash windows instead of replacing them with modern styles.
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North London is known for its architectural heritage and a huge part of home beautification is played by installing the right type of windows. If you are building a house or renovating one; then choosing the perfect window will ultimately make or break the look of your house. This is where timber sash windows come in!
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Prominent features of the British architectural history, sash windows speak of antiquity and elegance. In Wood Green, our specialists strive to deliver the most antique of styles and glazing to meet the contemporary needs of the evolving world. Windows are an important feature of any house and can in fact, make or break the look.
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Are you looking for high-quality sash windows in Highgate or planning to get your traditional sash windows repaired? Look no further, PM Windows has got you covered. We have a matured reputation for providing quality repair, replacement and renovation services for sash windows.
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PM Windows Ltd provides affordable and durable Sash Windows in Hackney and bespoke workshop services. We build windows according to our clients' specific needs, use the finest materials, and provide quick and easy installations. With our qualified staff and commitment to excellence, we provide timely, professional services in Hackney.
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Are you looking for different types of windows for your house in Enfield? By now, you would know some of the types of windows form your research. Box and sash type windows are, no doubt, the most common ones.

But if you haven't been able to make the final decision about it, then this article will highlight the importance of Sash windows.
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PM Sash Windows offers bespoke and premium sash windows to the residents of Hackney. We offer manufacture as well as the installation of the sash windows – all under the supervision of professionals. You can explore our portfolio to see what we do and how we do it.
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Do you love the traditional and antique charm and heritage in your sash windows but hate the rots and draughts? Get your sash windows repaired by professionals. Our professional team at PM Windows will ensure that your sash windows are properly repaired while maintaining the traditional heritage look. Sash windows provide a simple and elegant look to your property and require minimal maintenance in the future.
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Being a sash window company with decades of experience installing sash windows all over Islington, we know what the people expect. Our staff is well – trained and intimately familiar with the products and services that we offer. Providing you with double glazed sash windows our point is to exactly match what you want with unique period features incorporated.
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Are you looking to get your traditional sash windows repaired in Enfield? Look no further, PM Windows has got you covered. We are known for providing quality repair, replacement and renovation services for sash windows.

Whether you need a single glazed window, double glazed window, soundproof windows or any other rot treatment to make your windows more durable, PM Windows can help.
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Our company originates from passion for windows, traditional sashes in particular, and as most of the team here at PM Windows are residents of North London, we have been involved in many window repair and replacement projects around the Muswell Hill and Highgate areas, where period timber sashes can be seen in majority of residential properties.

The windows and glazing market is very competitive these days and customers can choose from various types of frames, glass, finishes and accessories, exactly suited to match their requirements and budget.
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One would have thought that with today’s technology single glazed units are becoming less popular in contrary to their double-glazed successors. In reality, we can notice that this is not exactly a true statement as many properties in the UK still use single glazing, which is thought to be a more traditional choice for period properties.

Although single glazing preserves all aesthetic features of traditional sash unit, it can be quite bothersome in terms of its functionality and performance.
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If you are looking to replace or restore your windows, there are number of factors to be taken into account and one of them is choosing proper glass units for your new windows. It’s always good to ask a professional to be able to determine what glazing is the most appropriate for the specific type of windows at your property.

With current UK building regulations we are obliged to adhere to, it’s good to get familiar with a term called ‘U-value’, and the scale that measures thermal performance of windows, called Window Energy Rating (WER).