Restoring Heritage: Superior Sash Window Repair and Restoration Services in North London by PM Windows

At PM Windows, our skilled and experienced craftsmen in North London offer a comprehensive sash windows repair and restoration service that breathes new life into your traditional sash windows. Our team is dedicated to restoring the original frames whenever feasible, acknowledging the superior quality of traditional joinery, some of which have proven their resilience over several decades.

Our service is thorough, addressing not just restoration but also draught-proofing, eliminating rattling, sill repairs and replacement, ensuring a complete solution that leaves your windows as good as new. We pride ourselves on our specialist expertise in period properties and listed buildings. Rest assured, our work is fully insured, guaranteed, and strictly adheres to the latest Building Regulations.

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures your newly refurbished sash frames retain their original charm, with all repairs seamlessly integrated to be unnoticeable. When we finish, your renovated sash will look as good as new. With appropriate maintenance, these restored windows promise to last for many decades, a testament to our commitment to quality and durability.

We understand the importance of personalisation, hence we offer the option to customise the finish of your windows to your liking, both inside and outside. We can match your specific requirements, ensuring your new windows fit perfectly with your property's aesthetics.

We believe in an informed and transparent decision-making process. Therefore, don't hesitate to request a free sash windows survey from us. We'll be happy to discuss your specific requirements in detail, ensuring we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With PM Windows, you're in capable hands.

At PM Windows, our work is our passion. This passion is evident in the quality of our service. Our team is committed to preserving the architectural heritage of English homes, always striving to restore the original charm and character of your property. Contact us for sash windows repairs and restoration services in North London - we're here to safeguard your property's heritage.
Sash Windows Repair in North London
Superior Sash Window Repair and Restoration Services in North London

Have you been told your frames are unsalvageable by other companies? PM Windows may have a solution.

As ardent traditionalists, we don't push for replacement sashes or, heaven forbid, uPVC replacements. Our firm belief is that the best solution lies in preserving the original craftsmanship, even when other companies may have dismissed your frames as beyond repair. Our passion and specialist knowledge of sash frames often enables us to salvage and restore these seemingly irreparable windows. If you've been told your frames are beyond help, don't hesitate to contact us - we may have a solution.

At PM Windows, every sash window, regardless of its condition, holds the potential to be a unique feature of your property. Neglected wooden sash window frames can present various issues, including the nuisances of rot and warp and damage caused by exposure to multiple elements. Over time, these conditions can significantly impact the window's aesthetics and functionality, often resulting in unsightly stains and decay.

The crux of many of these issues lies in the moisture content within the timber frames. Ideally, this should be at most 20%. Excess moisture can prompt the timber to expand or contract, leading to warped frames. Furthermore, it can also encourage the growth of fungus, which can cause wood rot, a common problem in neglected sash windows.

While these problems may seem overwhelming, they are manageable, especially for the team at PM Windows. We specialise in restoring even the most damaged frames that other companies have written off as beyond repair. Our skilled craftsmen understand the intricate structures and characteristics of period windows and have the expertise to bring your windows back to their former glory, even in the face of severe damage.

Our restoration services extend beyond merely reviving the wooden frames. We also ensure that your sash windows operate flawlessly by addressing any issues with the hardware parts. Faulty pulleys and ropes, which can impede the smooth operation of the windows, are replaced with top-quality components to ensure a seamless performance.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of your original timber sash frames, delivering a restoration service that not only revives your windows but also helps preserve the architectural heritage of your home. Trust in our passion for perfection and dedication to preserving historical authenticity.

Our comprehensive sash window repair and restoration services include

Window Repair and Restoration
Comprehensive sash window repair
Repairing Sash Windows

Mastering the Art of Sash Window Restoration: A General Process Overview

The process of restoring sash window wooden frames is a delicate art that our experienced team at PM Windows has mastered over years of dedicated service. The following six points provide a general overview of our steps; however, the actual process can vary. The required work level depends on the frames' overall condition.

Our team boasts an in-depth knowledge of all period windows and their unique architectural characteristics. This expertise, combined with our commitment to preserving the original charm and character, enables us to restore your windows true to their historical authenticity. Rest assured, every sash window restoration we undertake is executed with precision, care, and respect for the period of the property.

  1. Thorough Frame Inspection: We begin the process by comprehensively examining the sash window frame. This step helps identify any visible damages, defects, or signs of wear, which informs our bespoke repair approach.
  2. Paint Stripping: To expose the raw timber, the next stage involves carefully stripping the frames of any existing layers of paint. This enables a more detailed assessment of the underlying condition of the wood.
  3. Detailed Frame Repair: We proceed with the necessary repairs following the inspection. This could involve replacing decayed sections of the frame, reinforcing loose joints, and restoring the middle and bottom rails of the window, thereby ensuring the structure's integrity.
  4. Frame Filling and Sanding: After the repairs, we fill any imperfections in the frame and then sand it down. This provides a smooth and even surface, perfect for the following steps.
  5. Glazing and Putty Application: We then expertly apply glazing and putty to the frame. This enhances the window's aesthetics and improves its weather resistance and thermal efficiency.
  6. Frame Priming and Painting: The final step in our process is priming, applying undercoat, and painting the wooden frame. We use high-quality paints that offer long-lasting protection against the elements. The choice of colour is entirely yours, enabling the window to complement your property's unique style.
Amazing restoration of 6 sash windows that had deteriorated considerably over the years.

Previous owners of the property had either chosen a slap and dash repair job or had been taken in by a window cowboy as it was clear shortcuts had been taken to cover up damage.

Having being visited by numerous ‘sash window specialists’ it was clear that Marek’s knowledge and attention to detail were head and shoulders above his competition.

Marek was the last I met with and had been recommended directly to me. His commitment to delivering an excellent service and a finished product to match was evident throughout the process and I would highly recommend PM Sash Windows to anyone looking for a specialist they can trust without worrying.” review by TD
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PM Windows is your trusted partner for all sash window restoration and replacement requirements.

We have built our longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional quality workmanship upon our profound understanding of North London's architectural nuances and our attention to customer needs.

With a broad range of customisation options, we guarantee that your new windows will harmoniously blend with your home's aesthetics.

Our glowing testimonials, given by our valued customers from across North London, attest to our reliability and commitment to excellence and are readily available for verification.

At PM Windows, our customers' trust and satisfaction form the bedrock of our operations. We eagerly await the opportunity to serve your sash window requirements with our trademark blend of skill and dedication.
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Repairing Sash Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating through the world of sash window repairs can often present a multitude of questions. Whether you're curious about the repair process, concerned about preserving your property's unique character, or interested in enhancing the energy efficiency of your windows, we're here to help. The following questions address some of the most common enquiries we receive regarding our sash window repair services. Our aim is to provide you with insightful answers that help you make informed decisions about the care and maintenance of your sash windows. If you have any other questions regarding our company and our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q: Can wooden sash window frames be repaired?
A: Yes, wooden sash window frames can absolutely be repaired. Over time, timber frames can suffer from rot, distortion, or damage from pests. However, most of these problems can be resolved with professional repair services. At PM Windows, we specialise in repairing and restoring wooden sash window frames, always aiming to preserve as much of the original joinery as possible. We meticulously remove damaged or rotten parts, replace them with new timber that matches the original in style and character, and then finish the repaired frame to blend seamlessly with the existing window. So, not only can wooden sash window frames be repaired, but with expert care, they can continue to add value and charm to your property for many years to come.
Q: Can I maintain the original look of my wooden sash windows after repair or restoration?
A: Yes, maintaining the authenticity of your property is our priority at PM Windows. We expertly repair and restore your sash windows to their original look. In cases where replacement is necessary, we create replicas that are 100% faithful to the original design.
Q: Is it better to repair or replace my sash windows?
A: This largely depends on the condition of your windows. Generally, we aim to preserve the original window frames by repairing and restoring them. However, replacement might be the best option if the damage is too severe. During our free window survey, we'll evaluate your windows and provide an honest recommendation based on their current condition.
Q: How long does a typical sash window repair take?
A: The duration of sash window repair varies greatly depending on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs, such as replacing cords or pulleys, can be completed within a day. However, extensive repairs or full restorations may take several days to a week. At PM Windows, we strive to provide an accurate timeline after conducting an initial survey of your windows.
Q: Do repaired sash windows provide good insulation?
A: Absolutely, especially if they are retrofitted with double glazing and draught-proofing. At PM Windows, we aim to improve your windows' energy efficiency during the restoration process, significantly reducing heat loss and providing a comfortable indoor environment.
Q: Is your sash window repair service guaranteed?
A: At PM Windows, we stand behind the quality of our work. All our sash window repair and restoration services come with a guarantee. We will provide specific terms in the quote after the initial free window survey.