Why Autumn is the Prime Time for Wooden Window Upgrades in North London

Why Autumn is the Prime Time for Wooden Window Upgrades in North London

In the vibrant neighbourhoods of North London, the grandeur of historic buildings is beautifully complemented by wooden windows, bearing witness to rich architectural legacies. And as the leaves turn golden, it becomes an ideal time to give these wooden treasures the care and attention they deserve. If you've been considering replacing or repairing your wooden windows, autumn is undoubtedly the best season to embark on this venture. Let's delve into why.

The Economical and Practical Advantages of Autumnal Renovations

1. Cost Efficiency Before Winter: With winter around the corner, the cold drafts and heat losses through ill-fitted or deteriorated windows can lead to escalated heating bills. Repairing or replacing your windows in autumn ensures optimal heat insulation, saving energy costs throughout the chilly months ensuring the warmth stays inside and the cold remains a scenic view from your window.

2. Protecting Your Investment: Over time, windows that aren't in their prime condition can lead to other structural problems like dampness, mould, or damage to the surrounding walls. Attending to these issues in autumn can save homeowners from potentially hefty repairs in the future or even emergency repairs during winter months.

3. Reduced Strain on Your Heating System: A well-insulated home minimises the load on your heating system, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining a more comfortable indoor environment.

4. The Best Season for Window Fitters: Spring is often bustling with renewal activities, and winter, although picturesque, can present challenging cold conditions for intricate installations. Moreover, recent scorching summers can harm wooden frames, causing them to expand or distort. Autumn provides a balanced climate - not too hot nor too cold, making it an optimal time for our specialists to deliver impeccable results.

5. Optimal Work Environment: Spring's overwhelming demand and winter's challenging cold can create installation delays or suboptimal results. Autumn, with its mild temperatures, is ideal for our specialists, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail of the installation or repair.

The Importance of Periodic Maintenance

Wooden windows, especially in historic North London homes, aren't just functional elements; they're pieces of art representing eras gone by. Over time, environmental factors and regular wear and tear can diminish their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Periodic maintenance, especially during the favourable conditions of autumn, can significantly extend the life of these windows. Regular check-ups can spot minor issues before they become major, ensuring that the windows remain as glorious as the day they were first installed. Additionally, timely maintenance can increase the overall value of your home, making it a worthy investment.

Our Signature Services

At PM Windows, we don't merely replace or repair; we revitalise and restore. Our expert team specialises in:
  • Complete Wooden Sash Frame Restoration and Repair: We infuse new life into worn-out frames, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Original Replicas: For those seeking to maintain the heritage look, we provide 100% authentic replicas of period wooden windows, including both sash and casement styles.
  • Wooden Doors and French Doors: Our expertise extends beyond windows. Our wooden doors and French doors promise the same quality and craftsmanship.
Preparing for Installation - A Handy Guide
  • Timely Scheduling: We recommend scheduling your installation early in the season. The milder weather keeps our crew comfortable and ensures precise fitting without the challenges cold weather might introduce.
  • Home Insulation: A well-insulated home is not just about the windows. Ensure your home is primed to retain heat effectively, providing a cosy sanctuary throughout the winter.
  • Clear the Surroundings: Leaves can accumulate around the installation area, especially during autumn. By clearing this debris, you aid in a seamless installation process, mitigating potential risks.

Why Choose PM Windows?

Our dedication to excellence is grounded in years of experience and a profound understanding of North London's architectural spirit. We believe in preserving the charm and ensuring modern-day efficiency. Let this autumn be the season you choose to upgrade, repair, or replace your wooden windows with the best in the business.

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