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Sash windows replacement and repair specialists, based in North London, covering Muswell Hill, Highgate and neighbouring areas.

Sash Replacement

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Our experienced team of sash windows installers, joiners and craftsmen can advise on materials, finishes and glazing before manufacturing new sash windows tailored to suit your needs. From authentic replicas to modern designs, we can accommodate demands for any style or period.

We supply our windows ready for final hand-finish. They come sprayed with a base coat along with high quality anti-stain primer to ensure longevity, high performance and low-maintenance. We only use the finest materials sourced from trusted suppliers and our skilled joiners hand-craft all special features that exactly resemble the original look and feel of your former windows, including replica architraves and ironmongery.

Depending on your choice and requirements, our range of replacement sash windows come single or double glazed, including safety, acoustic, patterned, opaque and acid etched glazing. Whenever required, we can also deliver specialist handmade glass upon request.

For more information on our sash windows replacement services please feel free to contact our friendly team on 0790 3255625.

Sash Windows


Sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems and instead of replacing, you can have your wooden frames restored to its original beauty by skilled and experienced windows specialists.

Refurbishment is usually much more affordable than installation of new windows and the standard scope of work involves removing from frame, easing and adjusting, installation of draught-proofing, re-alignment, re-cording and re-assembling. If there is any decay, gaps or chips, we remove the rotten part and replace it with new timber, then sand, prime and coat with high quality UV resistant specialist paint.

The restoration process and price will vary, based on the overall condition and extend of the damage. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need a free window restoration estimate.


draught proofing

Old sash windows, especially in listed buildings, can be extremely burdensome in terms of their performance, leaving your home draughty and cold over the winter months.

Our specialist windows services include draught proofing and insulation for both, contemporary and period style windows. If you’re looking to improve your home energy efficiency and prevent draughts, dust and moisture, it is highly advisable to draught-proof your windows regardless of their age and style.

Our comprehensive draught-proofing services are suitable for sash and casement windows alike and, what is crucial for period windows, the works don’t alter their original appearance.