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Double Glazed

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of double glazing

Double glazing market has been very dynamic since the late ‘70s boom, with British households rising demand to tackle old rattling windows. A lot has changed since then, not only technology-wise but also in terms of design, materials and finishes.

We can now produce window frames made of solid or engineered wood, aluminium and UPVC that match exactly your property style and décor with hundreds of designs, colour combinations and glass options to choose from.

Whilst windows replacement can be quite costly, especially for old and listed properties, there are number of factors that justify the price in the long run. Depending on chosen frames and glass type you can expect to save up to £100 annually on your energy bills. Properly installed double glazing will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Double glazed windows are also effective in reducing external noise and providing more security, and will certainly enhance the resale value of your property.

Double glazed

wooden casement Windows.

Although wooden casement windows may not be just as much popular here in the UK as the wooden sash windows, they still can be equally presentable and efficient in their performance. If you’re on a budget, you can also opt for a more affordable UPVC or aluminium profiles to suit the style and match the aesthetics of your home.

From contemporary to classical, we can help with choosing appropriate frame profiles, glazing bars and the glass itself to ensure your requirements are met. We can also produce bespoke and made to order frames and accessories such as architraves or skirting to keep your décor consistent throughout.

Double glazed

wooden sash Windows.

With over 4 million period properties in the UK originated from the Georgian, Victorian and the Edwardian era, many British households are eager to preserve the original architectural heritage of their homes. Although today’s technology makes it easy to substitute wood with PVC-u frames, traditionalists will agree that one simply cannot achieve the exact same effect with plastic.
As a wooden sash windows specialists, we cover all aspect and stages of your new double-glazed timber sash windows replacement and repair. We offer vast range of materials, finishes, ironmongery and accessories to restore the original beauty of your property.