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Windows renovation, restoration

and repair in Camden Town.

Once a very run down and not particularly attractive, Camden Town has transformed to become one of the highlights of the Capital. Its development started in the late 18th century but the proper expansion came with the opening of the Regent’s Canal to traffic in 1820, which provided employment to the local residents.

Since then, Camden Town had grown significantly and now is considered as one of the most attractive and important commercial centres to the City of London. First housing developments in Camden were built in the Georgian and Victorian era and by the 19th century the area became fully urbanised with schools, churches and proper sanitation. Although a lot of buildings suffered bomb damage and had to be replaced after the Second World War, Camden Borough still boasts of many conservation areas that provide its unique contribution and give the area a special character.

If you happen to own a property in Camden Town and are looking for a specialist glazing services for your traditional or contemporary windows, you have come to the right place.

Secondary glazing and windows restoration

in period properties in Camden Town.

Listed buildings in conservation areas have their unique style and feel that simply can not be compared to modern architecture. This charm however very often comes with a price of living in a pretty cold and damp interiors, that can become extremely bothersome especially during the winder season.

If you are thinking about improving insulation and enhancing heat-efficiency in your listed property in Camden, we strongly advise you start with the windows. Although it’s not easy to have your windows replaced due to strict conservation regulations, our secondary glazing solutions don’t require any permissions and will certainly improve the comfort of living in your traditional home.
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Residential and Commercial Glazing

in your property in Camden.

PM Windows specialise in providing unrivalled double, triple and secondary glazing solutions to residential and commercial properties alike and for all window types, may it be traditional sash or contemporary UPVC, in the Borough of Camden.

Whether you are looking to improve the thermal insulation and add some solar control to your windows, or maybe you would like to reduce the excessive noise from the outside, our glazing options will suit your individual requirements.

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Sash Windows Installers Camden, North London
Choosing a sash window installer is as significant as selecting your windows and might be more challenging than you think. Not only will you have to consider factors such as designs accessible, but also consider the affordability. Narrowing down the right specialist also becomes a hassle because of high competition.