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Tips to Maintain Sash Windows Hackney

Wood sash windows have been in fashion for over 300 years, and there is a good reason as to why that is; the design is timeless. Whether you reside in a stylish apartment or period property, preserving your sash windows Hackney can ensure that your property stays ageless. Given the appropriate attention, sash windows can persist for several years.

If you are looking to spruce up your windows, then contact PM Windows Ltd. We not only offer affordable and durable sash windows in Hackney, but bespoke window repair and maintenance services are also accessible. We build windows on demand of our customer’s specific requirements and utilize materials that are easy to maintain.

Here are a few tips that you can use to keep your sash windows in Hackney up-to-date:

Paint your windows regularly
To help improve the appearance, sash windows should be painted regularly. It also ensures that these windows do not deteriorate over time. Ideally, it is essential that you re-paint your sash windows every 3 to 4 years. However, painting these windows require skill and expertise, which is PM Window’s forte. We will clean the windows thoroughly before painting them.

Maintain your windows insulation
When windows are poorly insulated, at least 26% of heat is lost. Gaps in the windows let air to come in and boost the loss of warm air; resulting in higher energy costs for you. One of the best techniques to sustain your sash window Hackney insulation is by switching the worn rubber seals. Other methods include the use of spray-form insulation or to add shutters onto the windows. At PM Windows, our team of professionals will install the sash windows and ensure the use of the proper method for your house or commercial property.

Replace broken or damaged cords
Sashes are attached on cords that pass over pulleys and link with the weights concealed in the hollow sides of the case. At PM Windows, we can easily repair any broken or damaged cords. Our qualified team has the right skills to fix any damages in no time and also utilize the finest materials. As a result, the cord will not rot easily.
29 Dec 2020