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Pros of Timber Sash Windows in London

The popularity of timber sash windows is back on the rise in London. With more freshly built properties being designed to include this striking feature and owners of period properties looking to reinstate prevailing sash windows instead of replacing them with modern styles. When it comes to replacing windows or installing them, you would want them to be appealing and durable.

Timber sash windows are known to last for centuries, which is why it is used as the main material for window frames. PM Windows Ltd sources top quality materials to ensure the strength of the timber. Along with offering premium quality service and materials, we do not charge you an arm or a leg. Whether you are looking to repair or replace your windows, we can help!
There are a variety of pros to convince you to install timber sash windows:

Environmentally Friendly
With numerous global environmental issues, PM Windows Ltd plays its role in offering an environmentally friendly solution. Timber sash windows are idealistic for the environment as it uses the lowest amount of energy in its production, processing, and transport compared to all other materials. Also, it has an extremely long life-span. Even better, its life can be expanded by reusing and recycling it.

Natural Insulator
Timber sash windows from PM Windows Ltd offers an effective solution for natural insulation. As a result, the house can be kept at a comfortable temperature by retaining heat. It is especially beneficial for individuals who reside in areas with frosty weather. By installing timber sash windows, you will be able to reduce your energy bills.

Can be Painted, Stained, and Carved
If you have a particular aesthetic in mind for your property's design and décor, you should opt for timber sash windows to match it. It is an ideal choice given that this material can be stained, painted, and even carved to meet your exact requirements and taste. So when you are looking to match the windows with the neutral wallpaper or the external paint, PM Windows Ltd will help you by offering a wide range to choose from.
27 Nov 2020