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Pros and Cons of fitting Wooden and UPVC Sash Windows photo

Pros and Cons of fitting Wooden and UPVC Sash Windows

One would have thought that with today’s technology single glazed units are becoming less popular in contrary to their double-glazed successors. In reality, we can notice that this is not exactly a true statement as many properties in the UK still use single glazing, which is thought to be a more traditional choice for period properties.

Although single glazing preserves all aesthetic features of traditional sash unit, it can be quite bothersome in terms of its functionality and performance. In this article we have put together some of the pros and cons of timber sash and the UPVC replacements to help you decide which option seems best suitable for you.

Your budget and the overall cost.
We are used to juggle our finances on a daily basis and the windows industry is no different from any other when it comes to comparing prices for products that differ in their performance and durability. Obviously, natural timber windows cost more than their uPVC equivalents and you can expect to pay even double the price for a single wooden sash unit. Therefore, if your budget is tight, the uPVC windows seem a reasonable option, but we need to accept the fact that they won’t perform as good as the wooden ones would do.

The lifespan and performance.     
Truth be told, plastic frames will never be able to outrun their wooden equivalents in terms of durability and the overall lifespan. Customers who look to replace their original wooden windows live in properties that originate from 19th century – it tells us a lot about the durability and performance of wood. If properly cared for, wooden windows may last for hundreds of years and tests show us they service life is at least twice as long compared to the uPVC frames.

Timber frames are also much more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. However, if you are not prepared to maintain your wooden frames as soon as they show any signs of damage, you put yourself in a risk of having them replaced again, as even a slight chip of varnish or the paint coat may result in spreading rot and further decay, sometimes beyond repair. If you wish to minimise the maintenance involved in keeping your wooden frames in a top-notch condition, it’s always better to opt for a hardwood frames as softwood tends to require more attention.

The aesthetics.
Traditionalists claim there’s nothing more appealing than wooden frames and it’s impossible to replicate the original period traits with plastic. As always, it’s really down to your personal taste and preference, especially when one favours low maintenance over the decorative value of their new windows. What is more important in historical properties is to choose your new windows style to match the original ones as closely as possible to keep your property architectural characteristics integral.

Whatever your decision, our team is here to help you achieve the desired look and feel of your new replacement windows. Call us now and we’ll be delighted to help.
17 Aug 2017