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Sash windows replacement and repair specialists, based in North London, covering Muswell Hill, Highgate and neighbouring areas.

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Elevate Your House With Sash Windows

Prominent features of the British architectural history, sash windows speak of antiquity and elegance. In Wood Green, our specialists strive to deliver the most antique of styles and glazing to meet the contemporary needs of the evolving world. Windows are an important feature of any house and can in fact, make or break the look. Thus, our collection of sash windows comes to the rescue by enhancing both, the overall look of the house and its internal features, too.

The gorgeously double glazed
We have brought about stunning innovations that are not only artistic but, are of high quality standards. Our replicas of the conventional sash windows embody durability, safety, noise reduction and a lot more features. Not only do these add a touch of history to your house but they also speak of sophistication, enlivening the whole ambience. With a range of colors and style, each window resonates with a different ambience. When having a hard time finding your perfect pick, turn to our experts for their valuable and experienced input.

Replace, Repair and restoration
From our materials to our craftsmanship, we tailor designs that are made to stand against the test of time. With a wide variety of single and double glazed sash windows to choose from, our specialists deliver you the exquisite window of your choice. If you’re not all for replacement, our team also takes expertise and repairing worn out wooden frames. From re-alignment to re-assembling, our team does it all to restore the glam of your windows right back to how it was.

Our proficient team is at your service
Our craftsmanship excels all others. The professionals that are a part of our company are each experts in their particular domains. Be it adding the lost touch to your conventional windows or bringing about a complete replacement, our skilled workforce executes each task with foremost competence and skill.

PM Windows Ltd is the solution to all your window problems. Be it a replacement or restoration, we have got you covered with our fine quality services that promise durability and elegance.
21 Sep 2020