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Choosing Proper Glazing For Your New Windows

If you are looking to replace or restore your windows, there are number of factors to be taken into account and one of them is choosing proper glass units for your new windows. It’s always good to ask a professional to be able to determine what glazing is the most appropriate for the specific type of windows at your property.

With current UK building regulations we are obliged to adhere to, it’s good to get familiar with a term called ‘U-value’, and the scale that measures thermal performance of windows, called Window Energy Rating (WER). The U-value is measured in watts per square metre and describes the total heat loss that escapes through the building fabric, that is glass in this particular example. The lower the U-value, the better performance.

As per the WER, it was developed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) and the scale indicates windows performance rating, with the A+ label being the most efficient, to the G being the least efficient.

Let’s have a look at the glazing options available on the market and compare their overall efficiency:

Single glazing.
It is hard to believe that some of us are still struggling with freezing cold over the winter months inside their homes. Single glazing is the cheapest type of glazing on the market as it consists of a single glass pane with an average U-value of 5. It is no more recommended due to its thermal inefficiency and potential health hazards (think heavy condensation and mould). We always suggest getting double glazed windows installed provided there are no planning restrictions, and if your property doesn’t allow to have them fitted we would suggest you opt for secondary glazing.

Double glazing.
Double glazed units have been around for over 40 years and, so far, they are the number one choice for majority of households in the UK. The U-value for double glazing varies between 1.2 to 3.7, depending on the type of installed windows, which provide a decent insulation against cold in winter, heat in summer and keeps the airborne noise at a bay. The UK building regulations require double glazing as standard for all new build properties.

Triple glazing.
Triple glazing is a fairly new invention and, with a U-value lower than 1, the most efficient in terms of insulation and safety. It has great heat retention properties and insulates sound quite efficiently, and in theory, compared to double glazing, can save you additional one third on your energy bills. In practice however, triple glazing will have a little effect if your home walls are poorly insulated. Triple glazed windows will perform at their best in new build homes, where modern materials and techniques are used.

Shall you need any further information on glazing or if you have any questions related to windows replacement feel free to contact our friendly team. We’ll be happy to answer them all.
10 Aug 2017